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Your key to complete chiropractic care and wellness

Experience complete wellness through our alternative healing procedures! We believe that a healthy life involves freedom from pain as well as other physical and mental discomforts.

At Gonzales Chiropractic, Bayonne, NJ we are committed to providing the best chiropractic care and physical therapy services available specialize in pain management and auto accident after care in New Jersey. Dr. Charlie Gonzales and his professional staff of chiropractors, physical therapists and experienced health professionals will guide and help you manage and eliminate your pain and discomfort. With over 24 years of chiropractic experience we treat back pain, shoulder pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, migraines, arthritis, knee pain and auto accident injuries treatments. Located in 734 Broadway, Bayonne, NJ, we provide chiropractic services. TRANSPORTATION can be arranged to all treatment dates if needed.

Conditions Treated

Low Back Pain - Neck Pain - Herniated or Bulging Disc - Headaches - Sciatica
Pinched Nerves - Shoulder Pain - Knee Pain - Joint Pain - Whiplash

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10A-1P, 3P-7P
10A-1P, 3P-7P
10A-1P, 3P-7P
10A-1P, 3P-7P

Patient Testimonials

"As a registered nurse I see every day the effects of improper nutrition, lack of exercise and poor lifestyle habits can have on a person. I looked in the mirror and saw I was headed there myself. Dr. Gonzales was like a breath of fresh air because he had such confidence when speaking with me and his recommendations also worked. . I’ve lost nearly 25 lbs, smile all the time and have the energy and lifestyle I’ve always craved since visiting his office.”

"As a competitive athlete I’m always looking for ways to improve my performance. Dr. Charlie has taught me so much in such a short period of time and I continue going back because I have never achieved better results in my life.”